Make every morning a “Good Morning” at Vanilla Pastry Studio!

Our Breakfast goodies are available for a leisurely breakfast or an Office Meeting.

See, it’s easy to be a morning person!

“Good Morning” • “Pretty Poppy” • Banana •
Blueberry Buttermilk • Roasted Apple • Lemon Cheesecake • Pumpkin Spice

Candied Ginger • Rosemary Honey-Cornmeal • Five Spice • Cranberry-Orange • Apricot

Cappuccino • Lemon Cheesecake • Mixed Berry Streusel • Caramelized Apple

Loaf Breads
Fresh Banana • Roasted Pineapple • Iced Lemon Cheesecake • Walnut-Fig • Chocolate-Zucchini • Roasted Pear •
Applesauce Spice • Zucchini – Golden Raisin • Gingered Carrot

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